Travel to and from Romania and airport shuttles

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Wizz Air

Luton LTN 19:45 - Sibiu SBZ 00:45/ M-W-F-S

Luton LTN 21:00 - Sibiu SBZ 01:55/ Thursday only

Luton LTN 21:55 - Sibiu SBZ 02:55/ Tuesday & Saturday

Sibiu SBZ 17:50 - Luton LTN 19:00/ M-W-F-S

Sibiu SBZ 19:20 - Luton LTN 20:35/ Thursday only

Sibiu SBZ 20:15 - Luton LTN 21:25/ Tuesday & Saturday

Luton LTN - Târgu Mureș TGM only after 17.9.2018

Târgu Mureș TGM 12:40 - Luton LTN 13:45/ Monday 17.9.2018

Luton LTN 07:35 - Cluj CLJ 12:30/ DAILY

Luton LTN 12:30 - Cluj CLJ 17:25/ DAILY except Tuesday/ Saturday

Luton LTN 19:45 - Cluj CLJ 00:35/ DAILY

Cluj CLJ 06:00 - Luton LTN 07:05/ DAILY

Cluj CLJ 10:55 - Luton LTN 12:00/ DAILY except Tuesday/ Saturday

Cluj CLJ 17:55 - Luton LTN 19:00/ DAILY

Doncaster DSA 20:25 - Cluj CLJ 01;29/ Monday and Thursday

Cluj CLJ 18:50 - Doncaster DSA 19:55/ Monday and Thursday

WIZZ also have several daily flights from Luton to Bucharest, plus direct regional flights from Doncaster and Birmingham to Bucharest; there are trains from central Bucharest to Sibiu, Sighisoara or Medias.

WIZZ also fly from Luton to Timisoara and, less often, to Iasi and Suceava in north-eastern Romania, close to the Painted Monasteries

Blue Air

Luton LTN 10:00 - Cluj CLJ 14:45/ -T-T-SS

Cluj CLJ 08:15 - Luton LTN 09:15/ -T-T-SS

Birmingham BHX 09:15 - Cluj CLJ 14:15/ Monday only

Birmingham BHX 09:45 - Cluj CLJ 14:45/ Wednesday & Friday

Cluj CLJ 07:00 - Birmingham BHX 08:30/ Monday only

Cluj CLJ 09:00 - Birmingham BHX 08:30/ Wednesday & Friday

Liverpool LPL 12:00 - Cluj CLJ 17:00/ Thursday & Saturday

Cluj CLJ 10:00 - Liverpool LPL 11:15/ Thursday & Saturday

Please note that BLUE AIR also operate direct flights to Bacau and Iasi in north-eastern Romania and a service from DUBLIN to Bucharest.

In general WIZZ offer the wider range of flight options but you need to take care of baggage costs and difficulty in contacting the airline.  Blue Air offer better rates and we are able to 'talk' to them with regards for special requests.

Austrian Airlines/Lufthansa

Austrian and Lufthansa also provide excellent connections to Sibiu from  Heathrow.  The quickest services are as follows:

Heathrow LHR 06:55 - Munich MUC 09:45

Munich MUC 10:25 - Sibiu SBZ 13:10

Heathrow LHR 09:05 - Vienna VIE 12:25

Vienna VIE 12:55 - Sibiu SBZ 15:20

Sibiu SBZ 16:05 - Vienna VIE 16:35

Vienna VIE 17:15 - Heathrow 18:40

Sibiu SBZ 06:15 - Munich MUC 06:55

Munich MUC 08:40 - Heathrow LHR 09:45

Sibiu SBZ 12:10 - Munich MUC 12:50

Munich MUC 14:40 - Heathrow LHR 15:45

Sibiu SBZ 16:05 - Vienna VIE 16:35

Vienna VIE 17:15 - Heathrow 18:40

Both airlines also have similar connections to Cluj, while Austrian have flight connections to Iasi and Suiceava.


The most useful rail services are the two international sleeper trains which run daily from Vienna and Budapest to Bucharest.  Connections can be made with flights or Eurostar trains from the UK.

EN347 Vienna 19:42 - Budapest Keleti 23:10 - Sibiu 10:44

EN346 Sibiu 19:14 - Budapest Keleti 04:50 - Vienna 08:21

2 & 3 berth sleepers, and 6 berth couchettes available.

IC473 Budapest Keleti 19:10 - Sibiu 06:35

IC472 Sibiu 23:02 - Budapest Keleti 08:50

2 & 3 berth sleepers, and 6 berth couchettes available.

There is also a daily daytime service from Budapest, i.e.

IC75 Budapest Keleti 09:10 - Sibiu 20:30

IC74 Sibiu 08:15 - Budapest Keleti 17:50


Car Hire

Car rental is available from Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Sibiu and Târgu Mureş.  One way drop off is also possible, and cars can also be delivered to Sighişoara or Mediaş.

Important notes:

  • Times shown are local times; there is a two hour time difference between the UK and Romania

  • schedules and availability subject to change


Transfers from Bucharest, Cluj, Târgu Mureș or Sibiu airports will be arranged through Laura Vesa at Discover Romania



(not included in tour price)


Bed and Breakfast in the villages in and around Richiș


There is a variety of comfortable B&Bs in the villages with a range of prices. Please note that the prices quoted below are as a guide only – contact Laura Vesa at Discover Romania for up-to-date pricing and any other accommodation queries


Copsa Mare
140 Euro/night for the Superior room
122 Euro/night for double occupancy
105 Euro/night for single occupancy
All rates include breakfast

Sile Moga guesthouse
The price for a double/twin room is Euro 47



Eva Wagner Pension €40 per night for a single ensuite to €45 for a double ensuite room with breakfast included

Oppidum Pension €37 per night for a double room and €33 per night for a single room with shared bathroom (1 bathroom per 2 rooms) and breakfast included

Cetate Pension €20 per person per night in a twin room ensuite and €7 for breakfast

MET Guest House from €30 per person per night + €5 for breakfast



La Curtea Richvini €35 per night for a single to €49 for a double room with breakfast included. All rooms have their own bathrooms, and some are fully ensuite

Casa Arthur €105 per night for the whole house – two double bedrooms, living room and kitchen, with breakfast included

Richis 22 €45 per night with shared bathrooms. Breakfast €8 per day plus cleaning fee

Camping is available at La Curtea Richvini


Alma Vii

The Mihai Eminescu Trust has rooms in various guesthouses and an old Romanian school. There is also newly-opened guesthouse with a double room and one triple room.


Please contact Laura Vesa at Discover Romania to book your accommodation.